16 décembre, 2008

Translation gadget

I added a translation gadget on the right side of my blog.
Between the choices you have I believe Goggle will be the best.
The translation is not always accurate but could give you a idea of what I am writting about.

I know the best will be to write both in French and English but that will take me too much time as I will have to check several English words in the dictionary for right spelling.

Hope the gadget will make your visits to my blog more pleasant...

Have a nice day!

Please excuse my bad English...

J'ai ajouté un gadget de traduction pour mes visiteurs anglophones ou d'autres pays.

Bonne journée et bonne visite!

2 commentaires:

Heather a dit...

Hi Lise!!

I have been a way for a few days!

I am so glad you added the translation gadget, and after you did that I realized the one I had on my blog is missing in action???

Where did it go? hmmmmm????

I need to go put a new one on again!

I got to talk to Janna Hull one of the girls on your amazing Pink Cat DT last night on the phone for over 3 hours! It was a first time for us to talk in person, and it was sooo much fun!!

I am really enjoying her she is such a sweetie!!!

Off to look at your new cards since my last visit!!


Anonyme a dit...

Quelle bonne idée !

de Miss Sourire